A Day of Deep Healing & Transformation

This is the transformation you've been waiting for! Remove what's holding you back, reset your energy system and start reaching your goals!

Start 2023 off right! Remove what's holding you back, reset your energy system and start reaching your goals!

Join us for a day you'll never forget! International Healer & Spiritual Teacher, Monica Bey, and Metaphysician and Teacher, Andrea Bagby have joined forces once again to create an experience just for YOU!
What to Expect:

A full day of transformation

Welcome to the new you: personal, spiritual, mental and emotional transformation. Discover your true potential and embrace your newfound power. Transform your life today and open up a world of limitless possibilities. Are you ready?

Energy Healing

Very deep healing from International Energy Healer, Monica Bey, like you've never had before! This healing goes all the way down to the soul level and beyond! (yes, there is a beyond!) This is transformative healing that can change your life forever! It can change the way you think, feel, and act. It can help you overcome challenges and find success.

Interactive & Powerful Ceremonies

We have put together immersive and interactive ceremonies that will take you on a journey of powerful change, both in the ether and the physical planes! These are energetic ceremonies that will help you let go of the various things that no longer serve you and allow the new you to emerge powerfully!

Self Discovery and Deep Insight

You will embark on a journey of self-discovery and gain profound insights into who you are and what you want in life. This exciting adventure will help you get in touch with your deepest desires, values, and aspirations. By the end, you will have a greater understanding of yourself and what you need to do to create the life you truly want to live.

Who We Are

Known as the Healer in Heels®, Monica Bey is an International Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Metaphysics Expert, Psyshic Medium, Life Coach and Hypnotist. She uses all of these as tools to help people break through to their next level of success. Monica removes what’s holding people back, getting to the root of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical issues and knocking them out. She has created her own healing modality, after having healed herself from partial paralysis almost 20 years ago. Her healing modality is influenced by her studies and practices of healing methods and spiritual practices from all corners of the world. Through all of this, she works within their mind, body and soul to bring out the best version of themselves so they can catapult to that next level. In short, she helps people get out of their own way. She also teaches the secrets behind spiritual power and how to manifest the life they want on higher levels.

Monica is the Founder of the very popular Mystic University and the Global TV Network, Mystic Circle TV.
Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, Tarot, Pendulum, Reiki Master - Andrea is Modern Mystic, Wellness Coach, Intuitive, and Certified Yoga train the trainer. Andrea's expertise is walking people through a complete mind, body, & spirit connection. She uses her psychic abilities to scan your energy field and guide you through removing blockages that hinder your ability to thrive. Andrea's unique style of reading and healing will coach you through life's tough choices with love and compassion. She will tell you the outcome of your choices, and help you to remove the stress of it all from your energetic field. She will help you find balance in your health and your life. On staff at The Inner Space.

Andrea is the Founder and Director of Harnessing Your Divine Feminine and hosts amazing wellness retreats and workshops throughout the year to help people heal and transform their lives.

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